To patients and medical personnel


We offer peace of mind to our patients and to people working at medical institutions.
ProfessorNorimitsu Kadowaki

Our division is made up of the three departments of hematology, rheumatology, and respiratory medicine, and each has its own specialization. Hematology is concerned with the diseases of the blood such as anemia and leukemia, rheumatology deals with collagen diseases, which affect the internal organs and joints, and respiratory medicine deals with the diseases of the lungs. Since diseases concerning our departments cause disorders in various parts of the body, we strive to be the general physicians with whom people can come and discuss all sorts of ailments of the body. Do feel free to discuss anything with us when you come in for a consultation.

We do our very best to understand our patients’ worries and put them at ease. Aside from our expert skills in treating diseases we specialize in, we work closely with physicians from other departments within Kagawa University Hospital to provide patients with utmost care possible.

We are also very grateful to the local doctors in our area and we would like to build a good relationship with them by offering consultation in our specialized field. We do everything we can to ensure that people will feel that Kagawa University Hospital is the best place to go for peace of mind. We shall continue to contribute significantly to medicine both in our area and in Kagawa Prefecture through positive communication with doctors throughout the region.